Diego Gonzalez Marignac

Biography (WIP)

I was born in Buenos Aires, 🇦🇷 Argentina in 1983, where I still live in.

I studied a bit of 🏡 housing construction, 🔧 engineering, 💰 economy, 📈 business administration, and finally went all in to 🖥 design and develop websites in 2003.

Around 2008 I discovered online advertising and jumped to the business side. Since then I participed in numerous ad networks and agencies in Latin America like Smowtion, Rekket, Veente, Opera and Shake Again.

After 10 years in the ad-tech industry I wanted to do something more tangible than impressions and clicks, so I switch to building products in Andiago. I also built some products by my self, like Uverde.

In 2021, I founded a fin-tech company called InvisiPay, which aimed to be the fastest and most convenient way to pay at restaurants, while I become COO at Trip Ventures, a startup studio building the future of travel.


You can reach me via email at [email protected] or follow me in these platforms:

And anywhere else... you guessed, most probably I'm using the handle @dfgonzalez.